Only few days left to sign the European Citizens’ Initiative to save bees and farmers!

European agriculture is reaching a dead end. Agricultural policies that were one-sidedly geared towards increasing yields using toxic agrochemicals have brought the ecosystem to the brink of collapse. Day by day, the biological diversity that underpins our food systems is disappearing – threatening the future of our food, livelihoods, health, and environment.

The European Citizens’ Initiative Save Bees and Farmers was started to demand an agriculture that thrives without toxic chemicals and relies on biodiversity- and climate-friendly farming methods that will ensure adequate nutrition for people – today and in the future.

What can you do?

If at least 1,000,000 European citizens sign this initiative, the European Commission and the European Parliament will have to address the initiative’s demands.

Up to now, the initiative collected over 600,000 signatures, but we must achieve the goal of 1 million signatures by 30 September. Please help us to reach this goal, every signature counts!

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, and the Netherlands already reached the signature threshold and joined the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) hive in calling on the European Commission and Parliament to phase out synthetic pesticides by 2035, support farmers and save bees and nature.

We therefore ask you to add your signature. Are you not an EU citizen? Did you already share the initiative? Are you passionate about bees and farmers? Share the initiative widely so we collect enough signatures!

You can copy-paste this text as an email, and/or share our messages on social media using the hashtag #SaveBeesAndFarmers and tagging the official initiative’s pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Need inspiration? Check out IFOAM Organics Europe’s article with example tweets in various languages!

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