Global Organic Certification Directory


IFOAM – Organics International has launched an Organic Certification Directory, namely the Organic Certifiers' Directory.

This is a service for the benefit of the entire organic sector, and is designed to operate efficiently and free to all users. 

A Global Database on Certification Bodies

The Organic Certifiers' Directory is a comprehensive database of certification bodies with information on the countries where they have offices and provide certification/inspection activities, the market approvals they have, the use of private labels (if any), the standards they abide by, and whether they offer additional services such as organic input approval, aquaculture certification, or certification to an IFOAM-Accredited program. 

The aim of the Organic Certifiers' Directory is to help operators, governments, NGOs, development cooperation agencies, projects coordinators and other interested parties easily identify certifiers which could offer them the required organic certification services in a given country.

The unique service that IFOAM - Organics International provides with this Directory is free of charge for certification bodies, and enables them to gain visibility towards new potential clients.

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If you are a third-party certification body and you are not included in the Organic Certifiers' Directory, please contact us at:

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Interested in organic operators/suppliers?

If you are looking for valid certificates of organic operators and suppliers, please check the BioC platform here. Certification bodies (CBs) can easily publish the data of their certified operators on the bioC platform using secure interfaces. Because CBs input the data, there is no way for fraudulent operators to show fake certificates.

Certified operators, CBs, traders, government officials, consumers, and any other stakeholder can use the system to verify the organic status of any given operation. The system allows a user to maintain customized lists of organic suppliers, and get informed when the certification status changes. This adds great efficiencies for staying in and demonstrating compliance with program requirements. Data is strictly protected based on user-specific permissions.

The bioC platform is able to function in multiple languages and can be specified for any given government regulation or private standard. Searches can be done based on operator, country, and standard/regulation.

A flyer (web view) about this Directory can be viewed and downloaded here

BioC also offers a Full Service Option in certain countries, which you can learn more about here.

For inquiries about the BioC Directory, please contact:

Rolf Mäder, bioC GmbH –