Official PGS Recognition Program



Through the Official IFOAM PGS Recognition program, we evaluate whether a PGS initiative operates in accordance with the Key PGS Elements and Features and verify the integrity of a PGS vis-à-vis the Principles of Organic Agriculture.

The evaluation process is entirely free of charge, carried out with support from the IFOAM PGS Committee.

PGS initiatives that have received IFOAM PGS Recognition are granted access to the IFOAM PGS Logo, which can be used in communication materials, such as websites and brochures, but not on products.

The PGS initiatives that are officially recognized by IFOAM – Organics International are highlighted on our Global PGS Initiative Map.

Any PGS may apply for IFOAM PGS Recognition if they are:

To initiate the evaluation process, please read the instructions for applicants and send your completed Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) to