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Celebrating the Year of Organics 2022

Let's raise awareness of the multiple benefits of organic agriculture for people and the planet!


In 2022, IFOAM - Organics International will turn 50, IFOAM Organics Europe 20 and IFOAM Organics Asia 10. To mark these milestones, we are dedicating the year 2022 to raising awareness of the multiple benefits of organic agriculture for people and the planet!

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The aim of the Year of Organics is to raise awareness of how organic agriculture can be a pathway to addressing not only hunger and malnutrition but also other challenges including poverty, water use, the climate crisis, as well as unsustainable production and consumption.

How we can work together!

As a member of IFOAM - Organics International, you get to:

  • have insight on global organic development, farmers interests and consumer trends
  • support getting organic interests on policy-setting agendas to grow organics
  • shape the development of global organic markets and build a stronger organic network

For more information on membership, visit our page here or send an email to 

We are working with IFOAM Organics Europe in an effort to bring global partners on board. With three tiers to choose from (Bronze, Silver and Gold), you can become a Global Partner of the Year of Organics and:

  • Help scale up organic farming as part of the solution to global challenges  
  • Increase your social impact
  • Increase you brand awareness
  • Explore potential new markets

For more information or incase of any inquiries, send the contact person, Niamh Holland-Essoh, an email here.

 Our Partners

As a partner of the Year of Organics, your partnership package will enable you gain more visibility on various media channels, have customised branding materials, be apart of the #IGrowYourFood initiative and much more. To check which package would best work for you, have a closer look at the three different packages below. 

With more than 700 members from 100 countries and territories, there is so much to celebrate! That’s why we’ve dedicated 2022 to the Year of Organics. Click below to download a communications toolkit to help spread the word and share why you #LuvOrganic! 



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Year of Organics 2022 Communications Toolkit - Celebrate with us!

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