Electronic General Assembly

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According to the Statutes of IFOAM e.V., the legal body of IFOAM - Organics International registered in Bonn, Germany, the Membership may take decisions by Electronic Vote.

The sequence of decisions taken by Electronic General Assemblies you find here:


2016-November-15           GMO position and Legal Representation of the Executive Director

On 7 October 2016, the invitation to vote was sent by email to our voting members asking them to vote on two motions both of which have been approved. Please find the MINUTES of the eGA and related Annexes here:

1) New GMO Position

Position on Genetic Engineering  and Genetically Modified Organisms  Since the articulation of our position paper on genetic engineering in 2002, there have been many new developments in GE technology. Thus, the General Assembly of IFOAM - Organics International, in Istanbul 2014, mandated an update of our position which was approved by electronic vote by this eGA.

Please click HERE for the detailed results of the votes for motion 1. 

You can find the updated version of the GMO Position HERE.


2) Legal Representation of the Executive Director

The administration of the organization is significantly slowed down by the fact that two members of the Executive Board always have to jointly sign all types of agreements. This is also the case in purely administrative matters, e.g. registering for online banking or opening bank accounts. You find the revised language of the statutes, adjusted to the requirements of the German law for such appointments HERE  and the list of cases that will fall under the responsibility of the Executive Director after the statutes change has been registered with the courts in Bonn HERE.

Please click HERE for the results of the voting for motion 2.

2014-July-15           IFOAM Norms revision

Details to come here soon.