The 2nd International Conference on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture in Mountain Areas

The 2nd International Conference on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture in Mountain Areas

The 2nd International Conference on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture in Mountain Areas will take place on 27-28 February in Kathmandu, Nepal. The conference invites rural service providers, policy makers, businesses and scientists around the globe to come together and share their knowledge and experiences about nutrition sensitive agriculture initiatives that improve livelihoods of rural communities and engage policy makers at national and global discourse.

An exhibition organized during the conference will showcase diverse foods and products from Nepal, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia and Peru and foster the replication and scaling up of good agro-ecological practices and balanced diets.

The event welcomes national and international parties in the field of nutrition, health and agriculture and supported by the Nutrition in Mountain Areas Project, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) under the Global Programme on Food Security.

Sustainable nutrition-sensitive agriculture is a food-based approach to agricultural development that puts dietary diversity and nutritionally rich foods, produced respecting the principles of agroecology and organic farming, at the heart of overcoming malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. This approach stresses the multiple benefits derived from enjoying a variety of foods, recognizing the nutritional value of food for good nutrition and the importance and social significance of the food and agricultural sector for supporting rural livelihoods in a sustainable way.

Venue of the Conference: Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur, Kathmandu 

Registration for the conference is now closed.

Program overview

Please download the program (PDF)

PDF icon nma_conference_program_web.pdf


Session 1

PDF icon 1-nutrition_sensitive_agriculture_is_high_value_for_donor_money_marlene_heeb.pdf

PDF icon 2-benefits_of_agro-ecological_and_organic_approaches_for_development_frank_eyhorn.pdf

PDF icon 3-awareness_and_knowledge_for_public_health_thomas_bernet.pdf

4 - no download available

PDF icon 5-from_food_to_nutrition_security_in_nepal_basu_dev_kaphle.pdf

Session 2

PDF icon 1-the_nutrition_sensitive_agriculture_strategy_markus_arbenz.pdf

PDF icon 2-interdisciplinary_collaboration_of_health_farming_and_education_sectors_arjumand_nizami.pdf

PDF icon 3-changing_patterns_of_nutrition_in_rural_nepal.pdf

4 - no download available

PDF icon 5-national_policy_conclusions_from_the_global_nutrition_development_debate_gabor_figeczky.pdf

Session 3

1 - no download available

PDF icon 2-empowement_of_rural_service_providers_patricia_flores.pdf

PDF icon 3-awareness_innovation_and_change_processes_shazia_hina.pdf

PDF icon 4-replicating_and_scaling_micro-interventions_shaknoza_kurbanalieva.pdf

PDF icon 5-practicalities_of_national_policy_development_louise_luttikholt.pdf

Parallel Sessions

PDF icon a1-1_mountain_agro-ecosystems_action_network-maan_simon_kufferath.pdf

PDF icon a2-1_rsp_empowerment_luis_ravello.pdf

PDF icon a2-2_abstract_on_nutrition_sensitive_agriculture.pdf

PDF icon b1-1_promoting_nutrition_through_organic_manure_bir_bahadur_hamal.pdf

PDF icon b1-2_addressing_malnutrition_through_student-targeted_nutrition_education_maharup_katri.pdf

PDF icon b2-1_greenhouse_management_nasipa_mamasalieva.pdf

PDF icon b2-2_mainstreaming_nutrient_dense_traditional_crops_devendra_gauchan.pdf

PDF icon c1-1_consumption_and_nutrient-based_marketing_of_stinging_nettle_sumitra_thapa_magar.pdf

PDF icon c2-2_policy_work_experience_of_kyrgyzstan_gulzada_kudaiberdieva.pdf

2nd Day - Open Space Sessions

PDF icon 1-1_nutritional_security_through_livestock_based_integrated_farming_system_dr_sanjay_swami.pdf

PDF icon 1-2_sustainable_initiative_for_mountain_economic_engagement_ganashyam_nagarkoti.pdf

PDF icon 2-1_healthy_soil_for_nutritional_food_krishna_p_paudel.pdf

PDF icon 2-2_role_of_passive_solar_green_houses_mohammed_deen_darokhan.pdf

Thank you!

Thanks to all participants who joined us in Katmandu! You made this conference such a rich and inspiring event.

You are welcome to join the Mountain Agriculture Action Network (MAAN), a vibrant online community exchanging their experiences and views on issues outlined above.

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