2021 Regional Highlights - Network of IFOAM - Organics International

We are happy to share the successes of our Network’s in the 2021 Regional Highlights.

In 2021, all the Self-Organized Structures have worked hard to highlight and support the work of the farmers, regionally and globally.

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INOFO | Year of Organics

IFOAM - Organics Europe 


23 September 2021: Official EU Organic Day 


After successful advocacy efforts by IFOAM Organics Europe towards the EU institutions, the EU Organic Day on 23 September was instated– a chance for the organic sector and movement to be even more visible.

On 23 September 2021, the European Parliament, Commission and Council of the European Union signed a Joint Declaration officially instating 23 September as EU Organic Day.  

In the coming years, the  23 September will be the ideal opportunity to evaluate Europe’s progress towards achieving its goal of 25% organic land by 2030, trends in consumer demand, awareness of organic in the supply chain and the implementation of the EU Organic Action Plan. 

Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F) & New EU Organic Action Plan


The EU identified organic as a sector that positively contributes to achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal that wants to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050.

The Commission of the F2F sets an ambitious but achievable target of 25% EU organic land by 2030.

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F2F Strategy 

EU Organic Plan

30 August - 1 September 2022

IFOAM Organics Europe together with its partners will organise the 1st European Organic Youth Event. The event will bring together young farmers, professionals, students, entrepreneurs and youth interested in organic to network, discuss and learn about organic food and farming.

Stay tuned by visiting IFOAM Organics Europe’s website and following @OrganicsEurope on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

IFOAM North America


Cultivated Quarterly Magazine


The publication was created to foster communication, collaboration and to connect the organic community in North America with global organic community.

  • Fall – Report from the Organic World Congress & General Assembly
  • Summer – Special Equity & Diversity Issue: “Organics for All”
  • Spring – Cooperative Marketing & Food Justice
  • Winter – Building Consensus on Organic Regenerative Practice

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources for Organic Professionals

The Organic Farmers Association is leading a project that will provide the resources for organic organisations to take on specific actions to identify and break down barriers and increase participation in organic certification by BIPOC farmers and increase the diversity of staffing throughout the organic community. 

IFOAM NA is participating in the project along with Cambium Collective, National Organic Coalition, International Organic Inspectors Association, Accredited Certifiers Association.  

IFOAM NA is a member of the project steering committee and will host a BIPOC intern.  As part of the project, a webinar on the History of Racism in US Agriculture & Organic was hosted on December 8, 2021, 600 people registered for the session. The project is an NOP Funded Human Capital Project Co-operative Agreement. 

IFOAM Latin America


Co-Organization of the Forum and Workshop on the New European Organic Regulation

During a preliminary forum in August and on a Workshop in November, alongside SPP Global and Acamex (Association of accredited certifiers in Mexico), IFOAM Latin America co-coordinated the discussions around the New European Organic Regulation and its impacts on producers’ groups.

These online meetings had more than 200 participants registered and the constant attendance of more than 100 people from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Producers’ organizations, certification bodies and other interested parties engaged in a direct dialogue. All participants were glad to have had the opportunity to participate in a free and open event that addressed this matter of interest to organic producers and certifiers outside Europe. 

The presented information and the discussions are openly available on this microsite created for these events.

Community Building Among IFOAM Latin America Membership

The membership in Latin America met five times this year to consolidate the joint work and collaboration of all of its members.

We collectively drafted a strategic plan and an operational plan to achieve IFOAM Organics International’s goals in the region. Through this network we intend to establish projects and alliances with the different actors in the organic sector in Latin America. We’re also making IFOAM Organics international's material  and activities more accessible by providing translation. We’re strengthening the bond of the organic community in our region. 

Here you can find the translation of the motions of IFOAM’s General Assembly, which were collectively analyzed and discuss on meeting prior to the GA.

Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers Organisations (INOFO)


United Nations Food System Summit (UNFSS)

INOFO contributed to the UNFSS by enabling a platform for inclusion through five independent regional dialogues, which gave farmers space to share their stories, deliberate actions and discuss great resilience. In addition, Thales Mendonça, an organic Agroforestry farmer from Brazil, was invited to the UNFSS to represent INOFO and the views of farmers, fishers, ranchers and pastoralists around the world.

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INOFO's General Assembly

INOFO geared up to its first online General Assembly in the six Continents/ Regions and then had its Global General Assembly with its approved Vision, Mission and the Organogram that elected the Board of Continents.

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