Learn How to Join the #IGrowYourFood Campaign

There are many things that connect people the world over. Food is one of them. Join our webinar to learn tips and tricks on how to make films and share your stories for the #IGrowYourFood campaign!

On the 25th September, we celebrate farmers with the #IGrowYourFood campaign.

The campaign gives farmers who grow our food sustainably an opportunity to share their challenges, the work they do, and how we can support them.

To prepare for this, we organised #IGrowYourFood webinars in English, Spanish and French, where we shared tips and tricks to help farmers better share their messages. The shared information included a tutorial video, guidelines on taking photos, and various facts to back up the messages.

To access this information and learn more about the #IGrowYourFood campaign, please visit the webpage here.

An example of a farmer's video from the campaign in 2019

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Join us on 25 September 2020 for the #IGrowYourFood Campaign

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