The Year of Organics Toolkit: Now Available to Download!

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In 2022, let’s celebrate organics! We’re marking our 50-year anniversary by raising awareness of organic and its benefits for global food systems, our health, and the planet. Help us spread the word by using the official Year of Organics toolkit!

See the toolkit 

The toolkit curates free-to-use visuals and messages you can download directly to your device. On social media, in your presentations, as part of your communication campaigns, on your website, or on any other channel: let’s spread the word on how organic can be a pathway to building a sustainable future!

How does it work?

Simply visit the Year of Organics toolkit, click on the card of your choice, find the content relevant to you in its attachments, and save the free videos and visuals directly onto your device.

You can also directly download all available content here (571mb).


About the Year of Organics

In 2022, IFOAM - Organics International will turn 50, IFOAM Organics Europe 20, and IFOAM Organics Asia 10. To mark these milestones, we’re celebrating 2022 as the Year of Organics!

The aim of the Year of Organics is to raise awareness of how organic agriculture can be a pathway to addressing not only hunger and malnutrition, but also other challenges including poverty, water use, the climate crisis, as well as unsustainable production and consumption.