Proceedings of the Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon 2017

The Proceedings of the Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon 2017 (GSOC17) presents the abstracts of all scientific presentations held during the GSOC17. It includes an article from Andre Leu, President of IFOAM - Organics International, titled " The 4 For 1000 Initiative - Increasing Soil Organic Carbon To Mitigate Climate Change", which can be found on page 117 of the publication.  IFOAM - Organics International was amongst the first to join this initiative on the sidelines of the COP 21 Climate Conference.

In total 103 oral presentations and 35 poster presentations built the core of this event triggering fruitful discussions on the state-of-science in measuring, preserving and enhancing soil organic carbon in different soils of the world. The GSOC17 took place from 21 to 23 March at FAO Headquarters and was structured in three themes:

  • Theme 1: Monitoring, mapping, measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) of SOC
  • Theme 2: Maintaining and/or increasing SOC stocks for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Theme 3 - Managing SOC in soils with high SOC - peatlands, permafrost, and black soils; in grasslands, and livestock production systems; and in dryland soils.

You can download it here

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