Nature et Progrès

Nature et Progrès is one of the oldest PGS in the world,  active since 1972.  From the beginning, this French association has involved a number of stakeholders and pioneers of the organic movement, including farmers, consumers, agronomists, technicians and even doctors.

Today, Nature et Progrès still operates as a PGS with its own private organic standard and its own certification procedures (involving peer review). The aim of the initiative is to grant an organic quality guarantee on the basis of its 15 different production standards (vegetable, livestock, cosmetics, wine, beer, etc.) and of its Ethical Chart, defined through a participatory approach by its members. Since 2011, these standards are part of the IFOAM Family of Standards and IFOAM - Organics International has endorsed Nature et Progrès through its PGS recognition program.

Even though Nature et Progrès is supported and recognized by many consumers and some organic shops, producers certified through the guarantee system of Nature et Progrès cannot claim their products as organic due to the third-party certification requirements of the EU regulation. In order to access a broader organic market, many producers belonging to Nature et Progrès decide to apply for a third party certification.

However, in many areas the Nature et Progrès requirements are even stricter then the organic EU regulation. Moreover, through the PGS structures, producers are assisted in following the requirements, making it possible for them to continuously improve their practices form an environmental as well as from a socioeconomic point of view.

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