The Vietnam PGS was developed under the ADDA – VNFU (Agriculture Development Denmark AsiaVietNam Farmer’s Union) Organic Agriculture Project in 2008 and 2009. It involves producer groups, consumers, supporting organizations (NGOs) as well as organic traders (companies).

The PGS has developed its own standard based on the National Basic Standards for Organic Products in Vietnam issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Producer members of the PGS are organized in producer groups responsible for the organization of regular peer review (inspections) of the members of the group. Several producer groups are gathered in inter-groups, which are responsible for making the certification decisions. Inter-groups are composed of representatives of the producer groups as well as consumers, traders, local officials, farmer-trainers or NGO staff working in the Inter-Group area. All inter-groups are represented by an overall committee called the PGS coordination group, which maintains the PGS standard and procedures, manages the PGS seal, issues certificates and organizes general promotion of the PGS towards the public. The detailed responsibilities of each level are described in the PGS operational manual. At the moment, mostly vegetable products are certified through Vietnam PGS.


Impressions from the International Conference on Advancing PGS in Vietnam (Hanoi, 09/2013) and National Organic Workshop (Ho Chi Minh, 09/2013) with IFOAM President Andrew Leu.

For more information please visit the PGS Vietnam website.


Vietnam PGS Organic Standards
Farm Management Plan
Inspection Checklist
Operational Manual for Producers
Farmers' Pledge
Self-Evaluation Questionnaire 2012
PGS Viet Nam Newsletter 03/2013
PGS Viet Nam Newsletter 06/2013
PGS Viet Name Producer List 05/2011
List of Approved Inputs for Organic Production
ADDA-VNFU about Compost Making

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