Global Policy Toolkit on Public Support to Organic Agriculture

This toolkit is aimed at anyone involved in advocating for pro-organic policies, designing them, or deciding on them. It is therefore aimed both at government representatives and private sector users. The toolkit is composed of a series of tools, including:

  • A main report, the "Guidelines for public support to organic agriculture": these guidelines make the cornerstone of the toolkit and present the fullest possible compilation of facts, arguments and tips of the full panel of policy measures that can be conceived to support organic agriculture. Most of the sections of this main report are also broken down into separate documents, for easier download and use. The report is targeted to policy makers and policy advocates. IFOAM-Organics International also developed a special Sub-Saharan African version of the main report, which focuses on the information most relevant in the context of Sub-Sarahan African countries. You can access this Sub-Saharan African version here.
  • A decision-aid to guide the user towards most relevant policy measures depending on his/her country situation. This tool is targeted to policy makers and policy advocates.
  • Model power point presentations (see below) for advocacy on pro-organic policy measures. The power points are presented on the IFOAM-OI format, but users are encouraged to copy the content they find useful onto their own formats, and adjust it according to their needs. These power points are primarily targeted to policy advocates.
  • Policy Summaries (see below) on various topics covered in the main report, practical to share with policy makers and carry to meetings on specific topics.
  • A paper with Tips for organic advocates on "How to raise political awareness of the need for support to organic agriculture". This paper is targeted to policy advocates.
  • The policy template for countries with an emerging organic sector.
  • A paper on  Full Cost Accounting.
  • Other elements accessible through links in the main report or its broken down sections.

Parts of the toolkit are available in Spanish. You can find single documents below.. 

If you would like to download the whole policy toolkit in one go (as a zip file, size 114 MB) and/or subscribe to our Organic Policy mailing list, click here. The mailing list subscription enables you to keep up to date on future developments related to this topic.

Detailed toolkit content:

  • Subsidies on chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides,
  • Approval of pesticides imports and pesticide use,
  • Support for energy crops (biogas and biofuel plants),
  • Competing environmental schemes,
  • Unfavorable regulations on farm-made and organic fertilizers, plant protection products and farmers seeds,
  • Unfavorable agricultural risk management programs (crop failure compensation schemes, etc.),
  • Allowance of GMO crops,
  • Food safety and other health requirements, and
  • Laws related to farm land access.


Click here to access the policy template for countries with an emerging organic sector. For the Spanish version click here.

Caution: the template should not be used without having read section IV of the main report above! 

Click here to access the paper "Tips for organic advocates" . For the Spanish version click here

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